ToonCon: West Coast has been delayed until August 27th.

Hello everyone. We regret to inform you that ToonCon: West Coast has been pushed back until August 27th due to issues beyond our control. Our venue switched the dates on us out of nowhere and we could not be more upset about this. Additionally, we will be changing the ticket sale date to reflect this update. Don’t worry this does not mean our event is cancelled, we will just be pushing the dates back. On the bright side, we now have two extra months to make this event even more spectacular then ever before!

Here’s to a Toontastic August event!

The Staff of ToonCon

ToonCon: West Coast Gets Going!


Hey guys! It’s been a good while. Wait, only 10 minutes? Oh, how time flies! But I suppose you’re here to find out more about ToonCon! You’ll be glad to hear that updates and videos will be posted much more regularly. What’s more, I’ve got some great news! First of all, we’ve got some fantastic guests coming to ToonCon. Royko, Smirky Bumberpop, and GagStrategists are joining us at the party! In addition, we’re even talking to more toontastic people that will be coming as well!


  • Royko, Smirky and GagStrategists will be a part of ToonCon!
  • Updates will be coming out much more often! Keep your eyes peeled for new info!
  • Min is the star of his very own low-budget movie.

What’s in store for ToonCon: West Coast?

Hello everyone!

Pleasure to meet you all.

I’m Min and if you didn’t know, we’re making our very own Toontown event! It’s going to be held in San Diego, CA.  For all of you, er, “elsewhereians”, this is great news. But for me, not so much. (I’m over 2000 miles away!) Even though I can’t attend in person, make sure you come! It’ll be a blast, I guarantee it.

But who am I, you ask? Well, I’m Min. Min the maroon rabbit. I am the Community Manager of ToonCon. I’ll be updating you on everything about ToonCon. Sorry, but you’re stuck with me for all of the blog posts as it is. Don’t worry, you’ll get to know me well enough as time goes on. Maybe some other Toons could join in as well! It’s just so exciting to think of everything that’s in store!  I’ll be updating you guys really soon about the great stuff we’re preparing for ToonCon!